We love people who love animals, which is why we partner with vets to enhance the relationship you have with your pet. As Delicate Care™ is only available through veterinary clinics, you can trust you’re getting an expert opinion on the very best food for your cat or dog’s life stage or condition.

Complete Nutrition

Working with one of Australia’s leading pet nutritionists, we have created the Delicate Care™ range of specialist and everyday formulations. Our premium ingredients are at the cutting edge of nutritional science and include our unique Omega Magic™ Oil Blend, prebiotics and chelated trace minerals.

Vet Endorsed

Delicate Care™ was developed in conjunction with vets and is only available in veterinary clinics. As no one understands the exact dietary requirements of your pet better than your vet, you can be confident that you’re getting the perfect food for your cat or dog’s life stage or condition.

Our promise is to enhance your pet’s energy, vitality and potential through nutrition.

The entire Delicate Care™ range is hypoallergenic, all natural, GMO-free and nutritionally complete.